I will never forget that faithful day; January 25, 2016
I was already falling asleep in my room when I heard footsteps coming towards me
I also heard the sound of thunder, and many waters like a water fall
Then I heard His voice…

My Name is Mary Obilana, The words above describe my life changing experience of when the Lord Jesus appeared to me, in my house! Before that faithful day, I had been earnestly searching and asking God to reveal Himself to me. Funny enough, I had this experience twice. The first time, I was extremely afraid so He went away. After getting counsel from a pastor friend, I realized that it was the Lord Jesus trying to reveal Himself to me and my life has never remained the same again. It is my desire that everyone experience Christ like I did; it is both breath taking and life changing.
I was born into the Obilana family and I have two brothers and a sister. Each and every one of my siblings are musicians in their own right. I guess it is accurate to say that I come from a family of musicians and producers. When I am not singing, I can be caught cooking, dancing, writing a good book, promoting businesses and so forth. Apart from singing, I have a foundation called the MARYO FOUNDATION, to help children in third world countries and all around us. We collect books, clothes, school supply and much more. Please feel free to contact me about donations as well via the website. I love writing books and graphic designs. These are just a few things that my heart is excited about.
Why do I sing and write?
This is a question that I am still learning answers to. I sing because I love God. I sing because I love to see people worship God in spirit and in truth. I sing because God has given me the ability to and I absolutely love and enjoy singing. I sing because it is God’s command to worship him. I sing because I am happy. I sing because it is fun.
I write because I want to share the little knowledge I have learnt, it is fun doing this research and sharing it to bless lives. The first book ”Wonderful Romantic Ideas for couples, it is a great book full of romantic ideas for couples and this book will bless lives and rekindle, fire and passion in homes and relationships. It is a wonderful think to use one’s gift to bless the world and make positive change in the world in my own little way.

As I continue this journey called life, I strive daily to be more and more like Christ and to make Him proud. Having the Lord Jesus reveal Himself to me that faithful day is an experience like no other. Even though I know not everyone will get the same experience as I did, I hope that my songs will always provide personal encounters with Jesus. It is my desire that every time I open my mouth to sing, people will experience God’s presence literarily like I did.
Stay rapturable, stay blessed and please always remember that Jesus loves you.